Alarm 防盜保安


無 線 警 報 監 控

專 線 警 報 監 控
專線警報系統與24小時保安控制中心之間提供了專用的連接,而且這種通信線路安全性更高。除了 24 小時監控警報的觸發外,專線會被監控以防破壞或篡改。

電 話 線 警 報 監 控


visonic_powermax_spirPassive Infrared (PIR)
PIR technology senses the presence and motions of occupant by detecting the change of infrared energy emitted from a warm object (human body or vehicle)
in motion and the background space. Every PIR sensor is equipped with an optical device, generally a plastic lens with multiple segments called Fresnel
lens, to collect the infrared energy from occupant.

The lens divides the detection coverage into multiple zones corresponding to the respective segments.
PIR is the most popular and widely applied sensing technology in the market today.
PIR occupancy/vacancy sensors require an unobstructed line-of-sight for effective operation.
Sensing performance of PIR sensors is subject to the relative position between sensor and occupant.
PIR sensors are more sensitive to the movements across the detection zones than toward or away the
sensors. In general, the closer the occupant is to the sensor, the better the sensor could detect minor motion.